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Your digital marketing website is the first and the foremost presentation that potential customers get to see of your brand or business. So, it forms to be of utmost importance that the website should be well equipped enough to create a good and impactful impression on the audience out there. Hence, with the right touch of a website design and development, your site will be as beautiful as it is effective and profit-oriented! Hence, Blog Haveli, a creative digital marketing business development offers your brand an innovative service of website development.

Why partner with Blog Haveli for

Website Development Service

Want to transform your website into a unique mechanism of creativity, exceptional traffic and mind-blowing creatives via Blog Haveli’s Website Development Services? Take a fine look at our Web Development Services which meticulously offers astounding solutions to the wonderful development of your website!

Technical Website Development

When it comes to website development, Blog Haveli fosters a beautiful range of services. Our technical website Development delivers efficient website popups and sets up amp plugins for your website.

Customised Web Design

Our customised web design service crafts the brand’s worth with an outstanding landing page, creative logos and assets for some of the largest MNCs.

Decades Of Experience

With more than 8 years of experience, Blog Haveli forms to be one of the most notable website design companies. Our firm command in website development, and many other domains proves that if there is any platform that can give your company an exceptional voice then it’s Blog Haveli!

Dedicated Project Manager

Your web design requires a well-dedicated project manager for a firm execution of web design plans for your company website. Blog Haveli consists of the best of project managers who steer your brand worth to a pinnacle of excellence.

Hundreds Of Satisfied Clients

As the saying goes, “A happy customer is a loyal audience of your brand”. So with a loud yes we are more than happy to announce that Blog Haveli with its exceptional features and services is supremely successful in hosting hundreds of happy customers.

Server and Website Maintenance

Our server and website management service includes proficient automation, accomplishing an excellent server setup, server feasibility, chained deployments, escalation of your brand value and above all the consistent act of maintenance, monitoring and magnificent management.

Search Engine Optimization

From thorough keyword integration that involves smart keyword strategy and competitive keywords, incorporation of backlinks to optimization of the content, we make your website reader-friendly and skyrocket your website to excellence.

Website copywriting

Fabulous ideas, astonishing concepts, effective notions are all finely embedded into your Website in the form of creative words via innovative website copywriting. Our Website Copywriting service incites mindful content for your website which is productive and works amazingly well in generating revenues for your brand.

Ecommerce Functionality

We imbibe well-built eCommerce functionality deliverables for our customers. Some of our working prototypes would be, in our effective database integration service we proffer service in four tiers: Primary, professional, advanced and enterprise. Well, if you are confused about which tier to go for then you can get in touch with our experienced strategists and get an upper hand suggestion for the same.

Responsive Design

We firmly recommend the remarkable mechanism of responsive design because it reinforces mobile users and helps them flourish their brand. The responsive design constitutes shoppers who use their smartphones to surf the web. If in any case, your website design does not reinforce the mobile users then Google will acknowledge that and will not upgrade your ranking in search results.

Free SSL Certificate

We sincerely initiate free SSL Certificate providers and paid SSL certificates to our astounding foundation of customers. Our primary objective with the sourcing of the certificates is to encode the entire web with a full proof plan/strategy so as to give rise to a firm extension where the HTTPs becomes the standardised feature.

Transparent prices

Our designs, additional features, and service facilities are offered to our clientele at customizable prices and wonderful packages. Our team leads you to the gateway of complete access to our web design pricing and strategies. So if you are in a constant search to pioneer your redesigned and well-refined latest designed websites, then we give you the perfect collection of web design services within reasonable price.

Get a performance-driven website for your business

Wondering which website development agency to go for? Also, having great confusion about whether the agency that you choose will be able to provide your brand with quality filled website development service? No worries! Blog Haveli’s supreme website development service is here at your rescue. From exhibiting the ideal beauty of your brand’s website to acquiring a huge reach of audience, our services are simply worth it!

Contact us online or schedule a call to speak with an experienced strategist!

How does Blog Haveli

Develop Websites


We connect, brainstorm and ideate to know your core website requirements and implement the mechanism of the website development funnel which enables your website to attract an amazing amount of potential buyers and customers. Hence ultimately we provide you with high-level website development solutions along with mind-blowing marketing automation for your website and brand.


Blog haveli is the ideal website design company that channelizes your brand’s value and worth into a paradigm of fruitfulness and proficiency. After opting for our web design services you will get to discover that our work is a blend of detailed scope of work document that embraces a series of essential workflows, rigorous challenges, wonderful goals, and revenue and leads generation.

Proposal & Onboarding

From inbound marketing to competitor and website analysis, Blog Haveli acts as the astounding guide who assists your brand in reaching the zenith of success and excellence. Post opting for our web development services, we will onboard you with the latest web analytics, market research and niche potential for your business.

Project Kick-off

At Project Kick-off, our team sets up a meeting to discuss the competitive analysis template, ideas for web marketing search engine optimisation, digital marketing campaign steps, data analysis digital marketing and many more.


We develop and formulate your project with a refined working of digital marketing project management. Also, paid ads optimization strategies are Blog Haveli’s bonus website development services offered to its long-time customers.

Client Team Demo

The assigned project manager welcomes you and your team to share the fundamental and detailed requirements of your project and efficiently hears out in what way you need the work done. This leads us to achieve the project milestone and a swift enhancement of our website development service.


Once all to-do listicles for the project gets over, we get ready for the launch. Well, that’s the most interesting part. This step gives our clientele the belief in our work and website development services. As part of the pre-launch steps, we automate your brand with a better marketing strategy and add more amazing marketing strategy components to your brand. 

Project Launch

Your project finally goes live with strongly formed website development in SEO. We share a technical user manual and Quality Assurance reports for easy reference. 


Successful execution of your projection does not mark the end of your partnership with us. We are here to consistently boost your brand’s worth to a wonderful extent and beautifully support post-launch.


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Static Website Development

Also known as a stationary page, A Static Website is showcased in a web browser in a similar way to the act of storage. We provide web pages that have consistent and fixed content that’s already coded in HTML and meticulously stored on a web server.

Dynamic Website Development

Besides using a client-side scripting language, this website development service also works with server-side scripting language too. Some of the most common languages are PHP, Laravel, React.js, etc. And others are WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Codeigniter, and more.

School Website Development

We create school websites development with amazing modern-edge technology and efficient features of cross-platform functionality, elegant and inventive designs, the fine manifestation of CMS, a versatile range of modules and the representation of a dashboard with website performance stats.

Corporate Website Development

Blog Haveli’s website development service gives rise to a creative corporate website that is highly customized with development and design features. These features continually meet the missions and goals of your business and offer your company an executive, branded website.

CMS Website Development

Our website development’s Content Management System builds, manages and improves the overall working of your website. With CMS, you can acquire a visionary website that represents the values of perfection and productivity.

Blog / News or eLearning Portal

Our expertise in creating an blog, News or eLearning portal delivers a perfect performance generated learners interaction and professional collaborations. A wide range of content like courses and presentations are beautifully presented on your website via our website development services. 

eCommerce Website Development

Our proficiency in the making of custom eCommerce websites is simply wonderful. Our e-commerce website development service enables our clientele to work with every existing eCommerce business model and generate handsome revenues.

Tourism & Hotels Website

The online website forms the key attractive feature for our tourism and hotel business-owning clients. The potential visitors to your resort or tourist travelling to their dream destination come to know about your business or brand via your website. So your website shall be easily findable and flexible with crucial pieces of information. Blog haveli gives tour website these required features!

Construction Industry Website

Blog Haveli gives tailor-made construction website development services. Whether you are creating a fresh online profile for your construction company or redesigning your already existing website, we operate with every form of construction website project of our clients and create an amazing construction industry website for their company. 

Health Industry & FMCG Website

The struggling challenges faced by the healthcare industry are simply massive. Also, there is a constant requirement to mend them to give the patients with the best quality service. Our website development services give well-established technology solutions. With Blog Haveli’s website development service in creating health care and FMCG websites, we have embarked on a journey that contributes significantly to enhancing the quality of patient care. 

Social Media or Community Website

Social Media development websites and community websites are the fundamental mechanisms that bring proficient proficient profit to your business and reaches end-users constructively. We help create that quixotic website for your brand and help you pitch your ideas to your target community more effectively.

Multi-language Website

The title is self-explanatory in itself. A multi-language website is one that hosts its content in multiple languages. The content plus the additional information that is exhibited in different languages are many a time created in the same context but the main idea behind these websites is to provide custom tailed services for a diverse audience. Our web services enable your brand to have a well-refined multi-language website. 

Multisite networks

Our services craft multisite networks for your brand and create an efficient brand voice for your business. Brand voices have many voice characteristics. It can be serious, humorous, casual, formal, passionate, quirky, authentic or a combination of any of the above. We design the righteous brand voice via our wonderful service.

Server & Website Maintenance

Blog Haveli’s server and Website maintenance include the various tasks, plans, strategies and tactics that work cooperatively to help keep your company’s website amazingly serviceable and enable it to function with pure perfection. This service consistently reviews and checks your website for different errors and issues and further resolves them with well-thought solutions.

Industry We Have Served

Pre–Engineered Industry
Health Industry
Interior Designing Firm
IT Agency
Horse Riding Club
Blog / News Agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A good website acts as a constructive pillar for your brand. A good website will keep your brand’s worth and potential intact. Our Website Development service leads its way toward building the best website for our clients.
The website requirement varies from client to client. Some of our clients prefer a very gorgeous makeover of their company’s website with high maintenance features and SEO optimized content. Some want their website to be as simple as a breeze. But if we had to quote a price then it would be in the range of 50,000 to 60,000 in Indian rupees.
Some of the technologies that our Website Development service implemented in the making of the web application are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, React, Django, etc. And frameworks or CMS like WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Shopify, Magento, etc.
The ownership rests under our clientele. From the ownership to the other access, we make our clients the first and the foremost holders.
Why Not?!!! From the minor to the major advancements, our team minutely updates every piece of information to you. Be it any random time in the development phase, we will always be open to showcasing the making of the Website to our clients.
Blog Haveli being the leading website development service agency, we make your website with robust technology which finely highlights the values of efficiency, amazing advancement features and many more.

As Blog Haveli is the best agency in India that provides quality Website development service, it forms our prime responsibility to suggest to you that websites containing creative images and strong content, function fifty per cent higher than the websites not containing that.

Our website designing services deliver our client projects with innovative visual interactive experiences which are perfectly framed with perfection.
The time required to develop any website may vary from a range of 1 day to 12 weeks. It can be considerably less if the client opts for a very minimalistic design.
It can be done either way. You can opt to buy a domain or hosting for your website by your own or our technical team will do that for you. When it comes to Blog Haveli, we never stay limited to a single option. We deliver our clients a variety of features and possibilities.

The greatest website development company, Blog Haveli strongly abides by the principle “After completion payment” rule where we receive the payment only after the full completion of your project.

Indeed! Our after-launch website support system extends further and splendid website development service to our clientele.

With Blog Haveli’s highly acclaimed Website Development service of SEO and the creation of responsive websites, we will optimize your website with potential keywords, profile it with effective content and splendid designs.
Once you decide so, nothing can stop your website and your business to skyrocket to the greatest zenith of credibility and excellence.
One our represented will call you to get and understand the project requirement.

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