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We Build Websites That Deliver A Creative Picture Of Your Brand

We, at BLOG HAVELI, promise you an adventurous restyling of your brand and strongly lay our principles on the values of passion, creativity, reliability, trust and outstanding customer satisfaction. We never settle until we minutely fulfil our customer requirements to the fullest potential. We always make sure that the customers are cared for by providing them with a quality enriched service at affordable and attractive packages. We apprehend your future ideas and goals for your business and deliver our service that streamlines perfectly with your business value.

We own an exceptional team of world-leading web design specialists who masters the prerequisites of creativity and innovation. We’re a passionate unit of designers, writers, strategists, consultants and developers who are connected with a common bond of extraordinary creativity between them.


Efficient results, Every time

We Innovate Ideas That Build Eminence

We help companies and brands to explore and discover their unique worth and enable them to direct their strong qualities and features of efficiency and excellence into a wondrous output that outshines their competitors and rivals in the technology-driven market. We operate with a simple yet interesting and customer-friendly approach. We invest our time and energy in giving our customers the best-in-class user experiences which convert their business model into a potential outline of contemporary and beneficial growth.

Our UI\UX Designers, Web Front-end, and Back-end Developers work intensely by maintaining a firm alignment of the customer’s business requirement with eminent planning of ideas and strategies. Our team members drive a functional and amazing UX for the customer’s specific needs.

Our Aim:
To ensure efficient results and build ideas that shine with eminence, every time. Our perfectly established business fastens your brand’s efficiency and productivity with well-thought methodologies and business plans.

Who Are We

An Inventive Online Hub that restyles and redefine your business

We at Blog Haveli strongly believe in dreams and making them happen in actuality. We dynamically optimize for SEO to assist startups and other forms of business to intensify and expand their online presence. It is of utmost importance to update your company’s working action plans with the regular changes and trends in the business world. Blog Haveli mentors you the technique in which you can do so in an efficient fashion.

We design your online presence in an elegant style.
We deliver worthwhile service for your brand.

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A venture to enhance Business Worthiness

Amazingly accelerates your business revenue

Blog Haveli is a well established IT company enriched with a family of talented experts that assist and mentors brands, startups, merchandise, enterprises, mid-size businesses etc with thought-provoking and unique solutions.

We are not an entity, we are a family that exhibits the values of working united and giving fruitful results to our clientele. For BlogHavelians, the definition of success is something unique. It is formulating a creative path for our clients that enables them to transform their business into a fun, productive and profit-filled venture that consists of strong business worthiness.

Our vision has led Blog Haveli to become a top IT company in all over West Bengal and is going to achieve a notable global rank soon.

OUR Morals

Reliability, Feasibility, Consistency, Creativity and Trust!

A1 Client Satisfaction

It’s what we earnestly abide by. Our clientele is the prospective reason behind the success that we have experienced over the years. Due to this we thoroughly make sure that we preserve client satisfaction at the core of our working objective. Also, one of the innovative ways via which we extend our creative side is by collaborating with fresh startup firms, companies with notable years of experience etc.

Business-oriented approach

A good business plan guides you through each stage of starting and managing your business. Blog Haveli’s services form an apt fit for your business action plan and guide you toward understanding the potentiality of your business. It owns the capability to drive amazing profits and popularity of your brand with its business-driven efficiency that forms a delightful asset for your company.

Consistency is Everything

Consistency is the ideal work mantra that keeps us going in every stage of working and remains enclosed at the centre of our work ethics. Any business is a mechanism to generate wealth; it’s the subtle way of utilizing investment to develop an extra return. This wealth creation mechanism needs a well-thought strategy covering all the areas of operation and confirming the proper execution of the planned system. Blog Haveli simply masters a contentment of well-thought strategies that can consistently cover the marketing aspect of your business.

Great Place to Work

Blog Haveli is integrated with a lot of sparkling features and qualities. One of them being its working ambience and the work experience that one acquire. Every working individual here finds it utterly fulfilling to always learn, experience and apply something new from our work setup. This is what makes Blog Haveli even more interesting.

Our Amazing Team Members

Teamwork is the only way we work


We believe in delivering work with quality and perfection

When my brand’s website went live, all I got to hear from my audience were, Well, I love how creative a website’s presentation can be! All thanks to Blog haveli’s exquisite website development services.
Bria Smith
Creativity is amazing. But creativity with technicality is precious. Absolutely loved the content delivered by Blog Haveli.
John Ciccia
The amount of traffic that I received on my business Social Media account after the incorporation of Blog Haveli’s Video Making is unbelievably huge.
Kathleen O Martinez
Blog Haveli has completely transformed my brand into a venturesome platform that wonderfully owns the capability of bringing productive change to the business world.
Nick Jag
It has given my company a trendy voice.
Nilesh Buddha
Founder & CEO
Blog Haveli promised to deliver quality and excellence as per my desired amount of time. And it did!
Ilmar Molder
Founder & CEO
Blog Haveli truly impressed me.
James Greaser
Perfect is what Blog Haveli’s Service.
Mr. Bittu Dey
Product Delivery Manager
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Technology Certified

Our Team is Certified On The Following Technology

Adobe XD

WordPress & WooCommerce

When it comes to WordPress development or Woo Commerce, Blog Haveli fosters a beautiful range of services. Our Woo Commerce services offer our clientele the top three C’s for a wonderful experience. The three C’s would be, Compatibility, Captivating facets and a Classy outlook. Its compatibility delivers efficient WordPress popups and sets up amp plugins for your WordPress website. Its Captivating facets would be Woo Commerce free and premium plugin packages.


The aspects of appeal and design are added by our designers to give an elegant factor to our client’s website via the use of the website builder tool, Elementor. The wondrous services provided by our designers and developers through Elementor help deliver our clients with designs and quality outputs that are embedded with perfection and a strong feel-good factor. This further makes the business owner or the customer feel good about the services received from our team.

Adobe XD

Our team fosters an innovative learning environment and creates quality work. We constitute the best of UI and UX designers who are finely equipped with their prime expertise in Adobe XD. They can design your website to a dynamic extension and give it an efficient and elegant profile.

From generating the best layouts to formulating your brand value on your website, our designers make sure that you receive supreme and quality results from us.


Our in-house team of designers masters their design in the creative tool of Figma. Our designs help connect our clients business model to a huge audience and in turn, we enable a firm foundation of reach and networking for them with our innovative and technology generated designs! From adding foolproof end to end collaboration plans to performing an analytical search of workshops, our Figma Designers simply exhibit the values of creativity merged with consistency.

Why Blog Haveli

Why Choose Blog Haveli Over Other Digital Agencies

Qualitative Services

The first and foremost object that we incorporate in our service is quality.

Well-documented NDA

Confidentiality and intellectual projects right are among our inbuilt features.

Scalable Operations

Our resources are finely authentic, informative and the best part is, it is in abundance.

Quick Turnaround Time

An amazing breakthrough in its service and approach are a sure thing to effectively turn around time.

Dedicated Project Manager

A guide, leader and a leaner themselves, our project managers are simply passionate about what they do.

Agency-Centric Processes

We align your business goals with our agency-centric process techniques.

Global Client Base

We have a base of 100+ happy clientele across the globe.

Industry-led Practices

Our services are implemented with industry-led Practices.

Pool of Experts

Well-skilled and Google and Bing Certified Search & Analytics professionals.

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