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A landing page is any form of a web page that a visitor arrives on after clicking on a link. In the digital marketing realm, only the existence of the home page, the about us page, and other pages on the website are not enough. A lead-generating landing page is highly required, which serves a prime and single-focused objective with utter sincerity and perfection. Serving a single focused objective is wonderfully effective and raises huge traffic for a website. At blog haveli, we create that ideal lead-generating landing page with the formulation of creative ideas, tools, and tactics.

Why partner with Blog Haveli for

Lead Generating Landing Page Services

Our Lead Generating Landing Page Service is an efficient conception of consistency, creativity, beautiful ideas, highly demanding conversion tactics, interesting engagements, and strategies. But that’s not it. With our services, your landing page will yield the highest generating revenues with amazing conversion rates and a fine enhancement of your lead generating efforts!

Bespoke Design

We create unique, innovative, and creative landing page designs that align with our clientele’s specific brand and business goals and insights. These services oversee the entire representative aspect of your brand.

Optimised for Speed

While creating the lead generation landing pages, our designers crucially abide by the principle of optimization factor for loading speed and speed in general. Blog Haveli optimizes the Landing page in an awe-inspiring course of action.

Great Imagery

Transforming your existing landing page to a high converting landing page and outlining it with superb designing features and functionalities, Blog Haveli’s Landing page service of great imagery proves it to be the best subsisting agency in India.

A/B Testing

The one and the only way that enables your brand’s landing page to be the highest converting landing page is by effectively conducting the A/B testing. The Landing page A/B testing is as important as a website’s design and imagery.

Form Integrations

Blog Haveli’s WordPress landing page service empowers clients to acquire integration forms that generate high leads and conversions. Landing page form maintenance is now just another easy task to perform with our service.

Thank you Pages

Many perceive the importance of the Thank you landing page to be quite casual and of least priority. But it is the Thank You page that beautifully adds a feel-good factor and the aspect of elegance to the entire website. We build and execute thank you landing pages on your website with pure creativity.

Retina Ready

The landing page that arrives before the user clicks on a given link is the Retina Ready Responsive Landing Page. A retina-ready landing page helps convert business goals to proficient and a real working business model.

Responsive Design

Blog Haveli creates a jaw-dropping responsive WordPress landing page for its fine line of customers, users, and clients. A well-responsive design gives you high generated revenues and swiftly converts leads into potential customers of your brand.

Custom Integrations

A Great Landing page design is customized with quality integrations like increasing conversion rates and supreme conversion rate performance via combining data and design.

Optimized for Conversions

Landing page optimization (LPO) gives high conversions to improve elements on the website. From constructing the best Lead Generation landing page to using the methods of A/B testing, Blog Haveli’s optimized landing page service is amazing.

Focus on one product/service

This feature of Blog Haveli’s digital marketing landing page forms one of the defining and efficient aspects for its clients and users. The significance of focusing on a single product/service enables us to work on the service more efficiently. It pushes the users to a single action.

Best User Interface

The best user interface landing page is enriched with efficient call-to-action buttons and lead generation forms, giving the user and the clients of Blog Haveli a great user interface landing page.

Get a performance-driven Landing Page for your business

Ready to create a lead-generating landing page that gives amazing lead conversions and superb engagements? Choose Blog Haveli’s startling landing page services. Blog Haveli’s Landing page service will primarily work towards the enhancement of an effective collection of personal information and data and then will accomplish them in the form of contact points to form beneficial leads.

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How does Blog Haveli

Design UI - UX Solution

Conversion Driven Research

The fundamental goal of a great landing page is to enhance the conversion rate for reaching the required business objective of our clients and transform the page into a high converting landing page through highly acclaimed conversion-driven research.

Single-Variable Testing

Well-thought and meticulous A/B testing and single variable testing are performed on the elements, designs, and content with the primary purpose of gaining maximized page conversion for your landing page. 

Multivariate Split Testing

The Multivariate Testing Split, which is often termed as MVT testing, is the mechanism via which we test multiple variations of different elements on the webpage with the objective to yield the best merge of elements for increased conversions. 

Traffic Intent Considerations

From creating compelling referral content to escalating the online brand strategy for our customers, the traffic intent considerations increase the traffic of the website and lead to a wonderful creation of a lead generation landing page.

Prioritizing ICE Framework

ICE stands for Impact, Confidence, and Ease of implementation. It is a refined assortment that combines all the ideas of our client’s company vision and prioritizes them by using the mechanism of impact, confidence, and ease of implementation.

Multi Device Experiences

Some of the classic multi-device experiences offered by Blog Haveli are effective UX adaptation, constructive migration techniques, Contextual multi-device UX studies, and many more.

Improvement of Conversion Quality

You can improve the conversion rate and quality of your website with Blog Haveli’s landing page service that includes precise keywords, well-customized designs, and many more.

Optimized Product/Service Pages

From identifying the origin points that causes low conversion rates to amazingly operating on the ways to enhance it to a high conversion landing page, our optimized page service is simply excellent.

Improved Attention Ratio

The attention ratio is the ratio that constitutes the links on the lead-generating landing page to the compute of campaign conversion goals. The ideal attention ratio is 1:1. With Blog Haveli’s expertise in creating the best landing page, we amazingly maintain the 1:1 ratio!

Reduced Bounce Rates

We reduce the bounce rates and enhance the conversion rates on the lead generation landing page by fluently improving the quality of the content, implementing a call-to-action button, delivering active popups, and many more.

Usage of FAQ Hierarchy

From the inclusion of architecture methodology to skillfully embedding the search box, our team of well-accomplished designers and developers perfectly executes the usage of FAQ Hierarchy in our client’s WordPress Landing page.

Successful Copywriting

Blog Haveli consists of some of the artistic and, above all, skilled and imaginative copywriters who paint creative words by converting any given concept into a creative content plot on the WordPress Landing Page.

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Our Headings capture the righteous attention of people, entice them in fruitfully engaging with our client’s website, and above allholds the interest of the visitors intact from the first instant.

Impactful Calls To Action (CTAs)

The impactful calls to action (CTAs) take the visitors to their desired destination. The CTA is excellently singly focused, action generated, and reflects the unique value proposition of your brand.

Integrate Trust Signals

Our integrated trust signals amazingly boost the conversion rate for your landing page with utter precision and consistency by creating innovative customer logos and other tasks related to it.

Lead Capture Forms

Through our lead capture forms that wonderfully collect leads for our client’s business to give a worthwhile lead generation to their business, Blog Haveli leads towards giving the best Lead generation landing page service to every one of our customers and users.



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Product Landing Page

A landing page with a superb yet simple design owns the power to convert a number of visitors into loyal customers. By the usage of the product landing page for our client project, we channelize all the traffic to their website.

Social Media Landing Pages

Blog Haveli’s social media landing page qualifies to form the idealistic platform for attracting more visitors. Our social media landing page is the online avenue where the visitors arrive via clicking a link in a social media campaign.

eCommerce Landing Page

An eCommerce landing page is a web page that is designed sincerely for the sole purpose of effectively convincing visitors to opt for the respective eCommerce deal offer. This landing is made to sell goods which are physical and tangible products.

Health-Care Landing Page

In search of an online agency that will fruitfully boost membership and the number of regular visiting patients for your healthcare club and clinic, respectively? Opt for Blog haveli’s healthcare landing page service!

Course Selling Landing Page

This landing page rightfully describes our client’s course but with unique and out-of-the-box ideas and concepts that intuitively engage them into enrolling for the course.

Event Registration Landing Page

This service upgrades your WordPress landing page with meaningful designs and content. It helps to build the exemplary event registration landing page, which assists our clients in gaining more attendees for their events.

Book Sales Landing Page

A book sales landing page is the landing page for your book, which rightfully aims at a singular action, and that’s how it stands out from the other normal websites. The foremost objective of this landing page is ideal for visitors who wish to download our client’s books.

Service Landing Page

Motivating illustrations, creative designs, and graphic elements convert your existing landing page to high converting destination via the service lading page.

App Launch Landing Page

The content formulation and framework, the creation of creative visual design elements, etc., establish a proficient and high-performing app launching landing page.

Consultation Landing Page

Blog Haveli skillfully exhibits its expertise in consultation landing page services by delivering quick-start templates, effective landing page templates, and wonderful lead generation.

Offer Landing Page

An offer landing page comes with the classic feature of prospective customer resources that meticulously produces lead generations and brings prospects into the customer funnel.

Product Giveaway Landing Page

The product giveaway landing page adds the ultimate fun factor to your lead generation landing page by amazingly skyrocketing your lead generation efforts to a successful zenith.

Multi-Product Checkout Page

The Multi-product checkout page successfully enables every one of our customers to opt for multiple products and further perform the act of adding them to the cart from a single page.

Custom Landing Page

The custom landing page is a sincere follow-up to the content requirements and demands of the client. The custom landing page service of Blog Haveli converts a visitor into a long-term customer.

Industry We Have Served

Pre–Engineered Industry
Health Industry
Interior Designing Firm
IT Agency
Horse Riding Club
Blog / News Agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A landing page is a singular action targeted web page that is beautifully created for a sole objective and purpose. A landing page is a dynamic and well-enhanced tool that is fluently used for generating leads and revenues.

A website is an assortment of variegated landing pages and other versatile features which further aids users, customers, and clientele to get their business demands fulfilled.

From working with the righteous strategy to executing a custom design, the designers of an agency are proficient and well-versed with creating the right fonts, creative graphics, vibrant color profiles, effective design combinations, and quirky layouts, which makes your brand stand out from the rest. They also transform your landing page into a high converting landing page.

The time duration of the contract can be determined entirely from the nature, type, alterations, modifications, contemporary styles, approach, and the works involved in the project. 
The starting price of landing pages would be from the range of 5K to 6K. But this price is applicable only for customers looking for a general landing page. But if you desire a custom-designed landing page for your brand, which owns the excellence to generate high profits and sales, the starting price would be from 15K-16K.
Yes, we do! Blog Haveli is accredited as the agency that performs the best-designed landing page services. We provide you with AMP-generated landing pages, which gives rise to quick loading that never settles for less creativity and poor brand expression. It always implements quality features and an amazing landing page experience for its users!
Absolutely! The merge of email marketing campaigns with landing pages forms the ideal duo, resulting in productive and revenue-generating digital marketing. This enhances the effectiveness and boosts the quality of your mail marketing campaign.
Why not! Some of our most notable and successful projects have demanded creating landing pages for their business e-commerce websites. Blog Haveli’s quality lead-generating landing page services produce the best leads, steers your website’s traffic to an unimaginable extent, and generates wonderful revenues for your e-commerce website.
Well, now your homepage is working, but what if sometime later its traffic starts to get down with decreasing revenue due to your competitor brand taking over?! That is when the high conversion landing page service of Blog Haveli walks in.
The landing page service will minutely work out a strategy that will make you clear about your audience clickthrough outcomes and compute the traffic there.
The main objective should always be driving dynamic and versatile advertising traffic on a landing page. This has multi-benefits. Some of them would be implementing simple yet high-conversion goals that lead to ROAS= Return on Ad Spend.
Having multiple landing pages comes with a lot of benefits. Having a landing page for each of your services increases the effectiveness and usefulness of your service on your brand’s website. This further attracts more customers and viewers for your service and website, respectively.
The starting price begins from a range of 5K to 15K. For a general and fewer featured lead-generating landing page, the price will be 5K to 6K. But when it comes to custom-designed and multifeatured landing pages, it will be at the price of as high as 15K to 16K.
The different types of landing pages would be Squeeze Page: the quintessential landing page that includes features like downloadable content, call to action buttons, etc. The second would be the Long-Form Landing Page, termed as the sales letters, which are particularly used for various infomercials of digital marketing agencies and brands. The Click-Through Landing Page provides relevant content for attracting people to visit the website. This is further followed by the Product Details Page and Video Landing Page.

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