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Internsip for WordPress Developer

We are looking for a skilled and passionate WordPress developer to join our team at Blog Haveli in this internship! As a WordPress developer at Blog Haveli, you will have the responsibility to perform the back end and the front end development work for our client projects. This also involves the inclusion of creating interesting and attractive WordPress themes and plugins for the client’s WordPress website. Also, the candidate has to perfectly involve the latest and in-trend attributes and features in the WordPress website, further ensuring high-performance and quality work.


WordPress Internship

The WordPress Developer internship shall involve the candidate being well-equipped with both back-end and front-end development skills. This also includes the work of researching and generating functional WordPress themes and plugins for the client company. They should have varied programming skills in PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and many more. They should understand the essence of aesthetics, i.e., apprehend the concept of element arrangements on display, choosing the righteous color and fonts, etc.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote


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