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Internship for Graphic Designer

This Graphic Designer internship primarily calls attention to refined procedure of interpreting the client requirements, conceptualizing, and creating innovative graphics that owns the possibility to captivate the audience in just their first glance at the graphics. Now, the graphics can be of many different forms. From vibrant illustrations to professional company logos. From well-featured layouts to photos. You should be able to give a potential shape to the visual profile of our client website, social media profiles, and many more.


Internship for Graphic Designer

The responsibilities of a graphic designer would be to perfectly grasp the audience’s attention and embed the right brand message in their minds. This position requires the candidate to be well-versed with excellent designing skills and shall be a wondrously good listener. They shall be able to empathically listen to the client’s requirements and execute those in a creative way. The candidate should utterly have the dedication to think outside the box and should be curious to explore and reinvent their designs in a consistent manner.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote


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