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Internship for UI UX Designer

We are looking for a well-versed and innovative UI/UX Designer to join our team!

As a UI-UX Designer, you will uphold the role of formulating and building a quality online user experience plus ensuring custom-oriented results and customer satisfaction! Your role is absolutely essential for the functional execution of our client UI/UX projects. 

You will perform the outlining and designing of ideas via the usage of many different automated techniques and methods. You will also be creating designs such as the interface element that includes forms, widgets, etc.


UI UX Designer

The primary UI/UX Designer responsibilities include well-enhanced research, collecting quality user requirements, creating designs such as graphic elements, formulating navigation components/menus, and many more. To acquire an important role in this domain, you should be well equipped with the knowledge of diverse design software tools. You will also have to create serviceable and compelling attributes that streamline our client demand and help them grow their audience reach beyond the direct customers.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote


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