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Internship for Marketers (Tech Sales)

The marketer in tech sales should inventively perform the role of creating and executing innovative go-to-market strategies that own the possibility to perform utterly well in the market. Also, they shall be able to promote and sell technical products of our clientele and carry out the technical projects of our customers in a comprehensive way. They should fulfill the demands of the customers and do enhancement and promotions of the client company products.


Marketers (Tech Sales)

A Marketer in the Tech Sales domain is a dynamic and well-planned copywriter whose technical writing skills work their way in formulating highly professional and technical content for the diversified line of customers and clients. The Marketer finely maps strategies, fruitful tactics and apprehend the customer journey, client demands, and requirements. They further streamline these demands with practical solutions and high revenue-generating outputs. He is primarily responsible for creating content along the sales funnel in variegated information depths. A tech marketer is also termed as an inventive communicator who builds the brand story and product approach and finally showcases that story to the target audience in a creative fashion!

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote


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