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Internship for Content Writer

This content writing internship would involve the applicant to conduct an all-inclusive content research on various topics. The topics can vary from industry-related concepts to branding concepts. The candidate shall uphold the responsibility of developing well-revenue generating content for the clientele’s company/brand blogs, websites, carousels, videos scripts, and social media. Some of his additional tasks would also include proofreading content for spotting out inconsistent mistakes and further editing and transforming it into an ideal reading excerpt.


Internship for Content Writer

This content writing internship would require the candidate to have a great number of soft skills such as incredible communication skills, both verbal and written; having a background in Copywriting is a bonus.

You should own the blend of creativity merged with technicality in your writing. Excellent listening skills and you should be able to amazingly work along with the customer requirements and layout the perfect execution of the content plan in a foolproof technique. You also shall own the possibility to think creatively and perform innovatively. Quirky yet effective thinking is a bonus. Should be able to work in both technical and non-technical niches.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote


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