Best web hosting for WordPress 2022 [Best Pick]


Choosing the right web hosting for WordPress website plays the most important key role in its success. There are many web hosting companies that provide services like Free WordPress Hosting, shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and more, each claiming to be the best of all.

Therefore, your decision should be based on the type of website, it’s traffic, your budget, speed, storage, uptime, ease of use and customer support.

Today we are going to compare and find the best WordPress web hosting in 2022.

Which web hosting company covers almost all the requirements for any starting WordPress website or a mid-traffic website within the budget?

We all know that WordPress is basically an open source Content Management System (CMS), which helps you to build a website very quickly.

But WordPress is slow compared to other traditional websites, as it is built for general-purpose i.e., everyone can use it – starting from a freelancer to a big million-dollar E-commerce Enterprise.

So, for that you need an affordable web hosting for WordPress or you have to hire a Website Developer to optimize the WordPress theme.

But if you are starting a new website or a low traffic website then which web hosting should you choose that fulfills all your website requirements within your budget.

Suppose you are searching for a topic in google and you click on a link at the search result, but the website is taking time to load or the website is down!!!

What will you do?

Will you wait till the website is up and running?

Absolutely not!!! You will just go back to the search result and go to another website, right.

Do you want this to happen with your own WordPress Website? Certainly not. So before starting a website, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the web hosting you want to buy.

Got scared, don’t worry we have got everything covered for you, so that without wasting any more time searching the web, going to a different web hosting company’s websites and gathering the technical know-how about the Best web hosting plan that suits your needs.

Before creating this post, we have undergone thorough research so that we can provide you the best web hosting for your WordPress website. But if you don’t have enough time to get into the details just check the table below:

Hosting ComPanyPrice
FastComet$ 3.95/month
WP Engine$ 35/month
Bluehost$ 2.95/month
Inmotion Hosting$ 3.99/month
Godaddy$ 2.78/month

How to choose the best web hosting for WordPress website?

So, what is web hosting? Web hosting is nothing but just a home for your website where you keep all your files, text, pictures, videos and other necessary items that you require to run a successful website.

Unlike you, your website also requires a home that is reliable, robust and secure that can fulfill all your technical needs without any interruption. Now let’s see the important points we should look before purchasing any web hosting plan for our WordPress website.

  1. Speed (Load Time): Speed or the load time of the website is a key factor behind its success. As no one likes a website that loads slow, a slow website drives your reader away. Speed of a web hosting depends upon several factors like where the datacentre is located – is it nearby your target audience, what is the storage device they are using like SSD or HDD.

  2. Up-time: Secondly the most important thing is the up-time of the server or the hosting. As if the server is down, then no one can see your website and if you have a good amount of traffic, then you will know a single second of downtime will result in a huge loss in your business. So, you need to choose a web hosting plan which has maximum up-time.

  3. Bandwidth/Total Visit: There are certain web hosting services that limit their Bandwidth/Total Visit according to their web hosting plans. So at least you have to have the basic knowledge about the total number of a visitor or the traffic comes to your website per month.

  4. Scalability with its cost: At a certain point in time you will require more storage, more bandwidth when your website grows along with your business. So, check the scalability option with the price you are paying for and also compare it with some other web hosting services.

  5. Ease of use: If you don’t have any technical skill you need to have an interface that is user-friendly. Nowadays, most web hosting companies provide a user-friendly cPanel which have a one-click WordPress installation option.

  6. Support: Lastly, the backbone of any web hosting company is its support. You should always choose a web hosting company that can provide you the support of 24×7.

What are the different types of WordPress web hosting?

There are several types of web hosting for WordPress, depending on your needs like the type of website, the traffic it gets every month, etc. Let us have a short overview of the different types of web hosting available for WordPress:

  1. Free WordPress hosting: Yes, you are right, you can get a free web hosting for WordPress, basically WordPress comes in two form – and The basic difference between these two WordPress platforms is web hosting. At you can host your WordPress site absolutely free, whereas is a self-hosted platform.

    So, you can use for free, but there are some limitations and bindings in customization. Moreover, it will display advertisement on your WordPress site and in-case at any point in time, if you want to remove your WordPress site, then you have to pay them.

    Whereas, is a self-hosted platform – so there is no bindings or limitation on customization. And for hosting you need to choose a web hosting plan according to your needs and budget.

    Yes, free WordPress hosting may be the right choice for an experiment or starting a new website with an initial low budget or for any seasonal bloggers. But remember one thing there are a certain limitation and you have to pay them if you want to transfer your website to another hosting provider, moreover, they will also show their ads on your website.

  2. Shared web hosting: Shared web hosting is basically a web hosting where many websites are running under one single web server. In short, if you are purchasing a shared web hosting, you are paying for a small part of the entire web server’s resources.

    Generally, shared web hosting is much cheaper than other web hostings. A multiple website shares the same IP address, storage, memory, bandwidth, and other resources.

    The main advantage of shared web hosting is its price. Shared hosting is a very low-cost web hosting plan – the best choice for any new website. But it comes with some disadvantages like limited bandwidth, memory, security issues and more.

  3. VPS (Virtual Private Server): VPS or the Virtual Private Server gives you a certain portion of resources from a single web server. But in VPS the number of websites residing on a single web server is comparatively less than the shared web hosting.

    Secondly, a VPS is much more secure than shared web hosting. If a VPS user of the same web server where your VPS is also situated, have accidentally left a security bug on his code – then no need to worry, as it would not affect your website.

    So, you can customize the resources of your VPN at any point of time according to the requirement of your website with some additional budget. As a result, you can get more bandwidth and more resources. So, if you think that you have a little more budget in your pocket compared to shared web hosting, then you can definitely go for it.

  4. Dedicated Web Hosting: Unlike Shared web hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated web hosting is an entire web server which is allotted to a single user. Dedicated web hosting is also known as Managed web hosting.

    Dedicated web hosting is more reliable than shared web hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server), as you get full control over an entire web server. With dedicated web hosting there will be no chance of getting and security issues from the neighboring website, as there will be no neighbor website in your server, the entire server will be yours.  But yes, if there is any security bug at your code then it will be your own responsibility.

    And above all of that, you will get a premium Customer Care Support from the hosting company as you have opted for the Dedicated web hosting.

    Think it like this – suppose you stay in a well-secured and well-equipped mansion full of CCTVs advanced looking system, but unfortunately you let the locked open.

    What will happen?
    The thief will come and do whatever he wants.

    Similarly, if there is any bug in your code, you are simply inviting the attackers to attack your website.

  5. Managed WordPress Hosting: Managed WordPress Hosting is a new technology which is developed by the web hosting companies to provide a hassle-free hosting service to all the WordPress user. With Managed WordPress hosting, all the technical aspects for running a WordPress website smoothly will be managed by the hosting provider – starting from security, speed, updates, backups, uptime, scalability, and many more.

    The main motive behind developing the Managed WordPress Hosting is to give a hassle-free service to the client so that the client does not have to take any tension about the website once it is developed and running live on the web. So that the client can keep his total focus on the business rather than solving the technical issues.

    And above all, is the premium customer support that will ensure the WordPress website is running flawlessly. All the updates regarding the theme, plugins, security patches, cache issue, website optimization will be taken care of by the hosting provider itself.

    The only downside of the managed WordPress hosting is its price. But if your business is based on your WordPress website and you get huge traffic every month then I’m sure this would be the best fit for your business.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress 202

So, I think you have got an overview of the different types of web hosting. Now let’s jump into the comparison, and see what different web hosting companies are offering in 2022.


FastComet - Best Web Hosting For WordPress - Blog Haveli
FastComet – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Blog Haveli

Fastcomet is a US-based company, established in 2013. Though Fastcomet is not well popular or a long-lived as compare to other web hosting companies, but they definitely provide a stunning quality of services along with mind-blowing customer support. They also provide a wide range of web hosting plans starting from a small business to a well-established company.

Truly speaking I, personally haven’t seen any other web hosting provider give such a qualitative service within the price range that Fastcomet has offered.

Starting Price$3.95/month
Traffic / Bandwidth30720 MB
Monthly Unique Visit25,000
Storage25 GB (SSD)
Domain TransferFree
CPU Cores Available2 Cores
RAM Availability2 GB
Money-Back Guarantee45 days
Daily Back-ups7
Multiple PHP versions7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6

WP Engine

WP Engine - Best Web Hosting For WordPress - Blog Haveli
WP Engine – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Blog Haveli

WP Engine was founded in 2010, Jason Cohen – the serial entrepreneur started WP Engine when he saw the necessity and the increase in popularity of WordPress.  WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and they have offices in San Antonio, Limerick, Ireland, London, England, San Francisco, California, and Brisbane, Australia.

WP Engine is a premium WordPress hosting. Their fast and robust server can handle everything that you will be requiring for your WordPress website. Attacking a WordPress website which is hosted at WP Engine is next to impossible.

WP Engine automatically updates the WordPress core files to the latest version. It also thoroughly tests any major core updates before upgrading.

WP Engine also provides a proprietary intrusion detection and prevention system to block any DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, JavaScript / SQL-injection attacks and many more. If you get hacked WP Engine will fix it for free, so your security is guaranteed.

Starting Price$35/month
Traffic / Bandwidth50 GB
Monthly Unique Visit25,000
Storage10 GB (SSD)
Domain TransferFree
CPU Cores Available2 Cores
RAM Availability2 GB
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
Daily Back-ups7
Multiple PHP versions7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6


Bluehost - Best Web Hosting For WordPress - Blog Haveli
Bluehost – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Blog Haveli

Any web hosting list without Bluehost would be incomplete, Bluehost was established in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah.  Bluehost has a built-in feature along with cPanel that makes the set-up and managing the website easily, very simpler and fast.

So, for a starter, it’s probably the best option, as because for Bluehost just the best combination of price and performance for those who have an average budget and just starting their new first step in the digital world. And most of all their bandwidth is unmetered the storage starts from 50 GB to unlimited and top of all Bluehost give 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bluehost has an uptime of 99.95%, it’s hosting starts from $2.75 with a free SSL, and also the world’s largest supported CMS – WordPress recommends Bluehost. And regarding security, you can create IP address blacklist, password-protected directories, manage private keys and digital signature and many more.

Starting Price$2.95/month
Traffic / BandwidthUnmetered
Monthly Unique VisitUnmetered
Storage50 GB (SSD)
Domain TransferFree
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Daily Back-ups7
Multiple PHP versions7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6

InMotion Hosting

Inmotion - Best Web Hosting For WordPress - Blog Haveli
Inmotion – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Blog Haveli

InMotion is one of the oldest and trusted Web hosting companies on our list. InMotion was founded in 2001 and has its office at Los Angeles and Virginia Beach, with an employee strength of 300+ that supports more than 350,00 domains with 24/7 Customer Support.

It is a top-rated web hosting company that is serving for more than 18 years with various hosting plans. InMotion is known for its great uptime performance and its average load time. You can also choose your data-center location that’s closer to your target audience for getting better load-time of your WordPress website.

The storage of all InMotion web hosting server uses SSD storage drives, SSDs are faster than HDDs as resulting a better speed for the website. Also, InMotion web hosting provides a free SSL for every hosting plan, as SSL is a must-have for every website starting for a free freelancer website to a multi-dollar eCommerce Enterprise.

Starting Price$3.99/month
Traffic / BandwidthUnmetered
Monthly Unique VisitUnmetered
StorageUnlimited (SSD)
Domain TransferFree
Money-Back Guarantee90 days
Daily Back-upsIncluded
Multiple PHP versions7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6


Godaddy - Best Web Hosting For WordPress - Blog Haveli
Godaddy – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Blog Haveli

One of the most popular web hosting companies – GoDaddy, over 18.8 million customer base and over 78 million domains under his name managed by 9000+ employees. GoDaddy was first formed in 1997 as Jomax Technology, but later in 1999, they changed their name to GoDaddy.

Their starting plan comes with a 30 GB of storage, with unmetered bandwidth and only one website can be hosted in the starter plan. The maximum number of files that can be stored in this plan is 2,50,000 and you can also run python, Perl, etc.

The main backbone of GoDaddy is their Customer Support, you can certainly expect a 24x7x365 days support for your website.

For any issue in the web hosting, you can directly call the Customer Executives and they will solve your problem. It’s a great hosting deal, particularly for first-timers and small business owners, at a really great price point.

Starting Price$2.78/month
Traffic / BandwidthUnmetered
Monthly Unique VisitUnmetered
StorageUnlimited (SSD)
Domain TransferFree
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Daily Back-upsIncluded
Multiple PHP versions7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6


So, you have got a brief idea about the different types of web hosting along with the different companies providing their several hosting plans. Now you have to choose which web hosting plan goes best for your WordPress website according to the budget and monthly traffic it generates.

Please let us know in the comments box, which web hosting are you choosing for your Website.

Please share if you like this article can help others to archive their online goals.

Thanks in advance.

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